Representing people
means understanding
them completely.

As a trained specialist in family and inheritance law, I offer comprehensive legal advice and assistance in all matters of these sensitive fields.

Many years of experience in large and medium law firms have shown: taking aspects of tax law and corporate law into account adds value to the family and inheritance law advice and representation.

As a specialist solicitor for family law, I can help you resolve legal family and inheritance matters and represent you in proceedings involving these areas, keeping all of the consequential aspects in mind.

Relationships are
unique, also in law.

When a marriage, civil partnership or co-habitation falls apart, this often leads to disputes, particularly when there are children involved. When it comes to all of the questions and requirements that emerge from these highly personal legal issues, I can support and represent you:

  • Marriage and partnership contracts
  • Divorces, consequences of divorce and divorce agreements
  • Separations, consequences of separation and separation arrangements
  • Family legal matters with an international aspect
  • Asset dispute with regard to property (particularly compulsory partition by public auction), accounts and companies
  • Valuations of companies
  • Income calculations (particularly for the self-employed)
  • Distribution of surplus
  • Pension rights adjustment
  • Separation maintenance and post-marital maintenance payments
  • Child support
  • Child support paid to the mother of an illegitimate child
  • Child support matters, such as custody, visitation rights and child abduction
  • Parentage, such as when determining or contesting paternity
  • Adoptions (especially adult adoptions)
  • Matters regarding the marital home and household goods (in particular the assignment of the marital home)
  • Violence protection proceedings
Expertise counts
for a lot in court.

If a person has died, it is no longer possible to organise a transfer of assets. Therefore, you should establish rules prior to death. Inheritance taxes can be optimised ahead of time, therefore preventing disputes. Upon the death of the person concerned, I can resolve all of the legal issues for you and represent you in any disputes. Also, you should think ahead of time about a living will and precautionary powers of attorney.

  • Wills
  • Inheritance contracts
  • Structuring and transfer of property, real estate and companies
  • Compulsory share
  • Transfers with a view to future inheritance
  • Property disputes
  • Estate disputes
  • Executorship
  • Estate management
  • Foundations
  • Living wills
  • Precautionary powers of attorney
  • Consideration of inheritance tax and corporate law aspects
Life is pretty complicated.
Let me make it easy for you.
Like families themselves, matters involving family and inheritance law are sensitive and emotional. This is because trust and knowledge of private details are the basis for successful consulting and procedural management. After all, far-reaching decisions have recently been made in family and inheritance law. I have been supporting clients in their most private affairs for many years thanks to my specialisation in these areas.
My career and specialisation in family and inheritance law during my studies already paved the way towards working in reputable law firms in Germany. That motivated me to open my own law firm focusing on family and inheritance law in my home town of Bielefeld. Taking into account aspects of tax law and corporate law, I can advise you on your private affairs in a solution-orientated manner, and represent you strategically and assertively in court proceedings.
  • Abitur at Ratsgymnasium Bielefeld (2002)
  • Law degree at the University of Münster and the University of Hamburg (2002–2007) focusing on family and inheritance law
  • University of Hamburg
  • University of Hamburg supervised by Prof. Dr Struck in family law, post-marital maintenance rights (2007–2009)
  • Dissertation on "Problems of hardship clauses in revised divorce maintenance law" (2011)

at the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court (2009–2011), and at

  • The German–Danish Chamber of Commerce in Copenhagen (tax law with an international aspect)
  • The law firm von Stein & von Stein in Hamburg (procedural law)
  • The law firm Schneider Stein & Partner in Hamburg (family and inheritance law)
  • Hanseatic Higher Regional Court
  • Eversheds Deutschland LLP in Munich (private clients / family and inheritance law)
  • SKW Schwarz law firm in Munich (private clients / family and inheritance law)
Trust needs the
right partner.
My roots are in Bielefeld. I grew up here. My network is here, my family, my friends. This is my home.
The trend is clearly towards specialising. This also has to do with our complex legal system. In addition, technical expertise and experience in specific fields allows for more tailored solutions.
Private clients are clients who are advised and represented based on their individual needs and only in the separate disciplines of inheritance and family law. Any and all related legal matters are resolved.
That isn't an easy question to answer. Trust and the personal relationship with the lawyer should come first, since they will be dealing with very emotional and personal matters. Every lawyer has their strengths and specialities. Irrespective of whether they work in a law firm or work independently. Let your gut feeling make the decision for you. Where you feel comfortable is where you'll be in the best hands.
Every family has its
own laws that I will
help you understand.

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